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Non-Life Insurance

"Short-Term Insurance"

What is 'Non-life Insurance' ?

You insure your 'STUFF' from theft, damages & fire.

Personal stuff The stuff is mostly used for social & personal activities.
Commercial stuff The stuff is mostly used to earn an income.

The premium or monthly installment, relates to the use of the stuff and inherent risks, for example: Area, Safety and Security you implement.

It is VERY important that you understand the rules on how and when your stuff is insured for it WILL have an impact at claim stage.

You can only insure stuff you OWN or when you have a financial interest with the item.

Financial Interest = you will experience a financial loss if the item is stolen or damaged.

It is important that you keep the receipt of the item bought, for that will proof your ownership.

It is also important to have an Inventory List of your items and keep it up to date, often.
The Inventory list will suffice as proof of your ownership and confirmation that the items did exist.
The Inventory list will also assist you in keeping up with the actual replacement value of your items.

Example of being underinsured


You have a big screen TV, when you bought it you add it to your insurance and insured it for R30 000.
The dog decided to chase the cat on the TV and Oops, the TV is broken.

Insured Amount R30 000
Current Replacement Value R40 000
Average Clause R30 000 / R40 000 = 0.75
Insurance Payout R22 500
Out of your pocket to purchase the new TV R7 500

Questions to consider:

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